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The idea of topology dispatch was first introduced in [1] and demonstrated how it can provide the electricity market with greater efficiency and competition. They were using deliberate outage of lines in the system.
This idea was further developed in [2] by not only considering the normal operation but also the n-1 contingencies. They added the variable topology into security constrained OPF. In [3], the impact of transmission switching on financial transmission rights (FTR) has been investigated. The unit commitment problem constrained by transmission system is solved in [4]. The application of FACTS devices in transmission topology dispatch has been investigated in [5]. The proposed algorithm is LP and can be applied to large scale transmission systems.  

[1] R. P. O'Neill, R. Baldick, U. Helman, M. H. Rothkopf and W. Stewart, "Dispatchable transmission in RTO markets," in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 171-179, Feb. 2005.
[2] N-1 DCOPF formulation: Hedman, Kory W., et al. "Optimal transmission switching with contingency analysis." Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on 24.3 (2009): 1577-1586.

Optimization Methods

[3] W. Hedman, S. S. Oren, and R. P. O’Neill, “Optimal transmission switching: economic efficiency and market implications,” Journal of Regulatory Economics, vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 111-140, Oct. 2011.
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[5] M. Sahraei-Ardakani; K. W. Hedman, "A Fast LP Approach for Enhanced Utilization of Variable Impedance Based FACTS Devices," in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-10


Smartwires company provides incremental line impedance control, which when aggregated across the line, can change power flows and cause:
Overload Mitigation,
Congestion/Uplift Reduction
Phase Balancing
Circular/Inadvertent/Unscheduled Flow Mitigation
Grid Resiliency
They are using plexus to find the optimal location of the impedance in the system using LPs


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